Quality care starts with
finding the right doctor.

Health care is ultimately what happens between a doctor and a patient. Too often, people see the wrong doctor or don’t have access at all. The key is in matching people with the doctor best suited for their needs — doctors who do more of what’s helpful, less of what’s not. As the map below demonstrates, gaining access to quality care, in this case primary care physicians (PCPs), can be a challenge.

How does your county compare?

This represents the concentration of top-quality PCPs per capita in each county. The darker the color, the higher the supply of top-quality PCPs.

Lowest supply
Below average supply
Above average supply
Highest supply

Putting data to work

How did we build the map? By leveraging billions of data points to identify variations in provider quality.

The proprietary Grand Rounds algorithms use clinical data (e.g., prescribing rates, preventive screening rates, medication adherence) to determine how providers perform according to various dimensions, and then determine the relative importance of those dimensions based on population-level impact. By doing this, the algorithms are able to predict which physicians are most likely to consistently deliver high-quality care. The result is a first-of-its-kind view of physician quality at the provider level.

To learn more about our methodology, read our blog post.

Quality matters

Discover how leading employers are matching their employees with the right providers in order to boost the quality, outcomes and cost-efficiency of their existing provider networks.

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